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The Montana Street Rod Association (MSRA), founded in 1974, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes interest in street rodding and special interest automobile activities through the provision of scholarships to students in automotive and related programs in Montana technical colleges. MSRA is a statewide organization for clubs and individuals. We assemble on a regular basis, generally three times per year, and provide a forum for all members to discuss common issues. We recruit business sponsors to assist in financial support, providing them excellent exposure to our members throughout the state. We look forward to your support in helping us achieve MSRA priorities:

  • Provide MSRA scholarships with funds raised from member dues, our new merchandise sales program and sponsor support. Our goal is to provide annual scholarships to students in automotive related programs at all six Montana technical colleges. We are committed to helping Montana kids develop successful automotive related careers and stay in Montana.
  • Emphasize safety education and inspection, and promote and encourage safety in driving, vehicle maintenance, and overall vehicle operation.
  • Publish the MSRA newsletter three times annually, provided to each member, each sponsor, and all car clubs throughout Montana, keeping members well-informed. Sponsor business ads are included in each newsletter.
  • Host the MSRA web site, which includes a "news and events" page, a "for sale" page and a "supporters" page where all sponsors and member car clubs are listed along with a link to their web site for those who have one.
  • Raise the awareness of MSRA, its members and its sponsors at car shows and car enthusiast events throughout the state, many of which support charities with funds generated by the events. We will provide an MSRA award for the car shows of those MSRA member car clubs that request one.

The three types of MSRA memberships are: individual or couple; business sponsor; and, car club. Individual members benefit through the organization's activities and through networking with other car enthusiasts and street rodders throughout Montana. Businesses receive advertising in each of the MSRA newsletters and are listed as a Business Sponsor on the Montana Street Rod Association website which includes a link to the business website. Car clubs benefit by having a central coordinating source to avoid activity scheduling conflicts, and by staying informed of current important information. MSRA also provides a link to each club's website on this MSRA website. The MSRA is easy to join. Membership applications are available on the website, and from members at car shows throughout Montana. Annual dues are: $35 for individuals or couples; $50 for business sponsors; and $35 for car clubs.


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